Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Old Golf House Hotel - Wedding Photography - Danny Thompson Photography

On Sunday the 16th June 2019, I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful wedding of Vanessa and James at The Old Golf House Hotel, Huddersfield. A Whisper Hotel set in the heart of Yorkshire, with 3 acres of beautiful grounds. 

I had met the couple almost a year ago and instantly couldn't wait to be involved in their big day. They were full of life, fun and enthusiasm and couldn't wait to introduce me to Leicester, James’ guide dog. James is registered blind and Leicester is a huge part of his life, giving him freedom and independence. His wife to be, Vanessa, is also partially sighted and has fibromyalgia. As we chatted more, I discovered that Leicester wouldn't be the only guide dog in the wedding party, he would also be joined by one other incredible guide dog. A whole new experience for me.

The big day arrived. The weather was holding out and Vanessa, with the help of Hair by Hannah and Cerise makeup was ready to walk down the aisle in her gorgeous dress. With the groom all suited and booted and the dogs ready to go there was just time to squeeze in a few more photos. I could not believe the change in the dogs as they moved from fun, friendly, dog to dedicated, hardworking helpers after putting on their harnesses (I wish my kids could do that!). They watched every tiny move their handlers made, gave unfaltering concentration and made all challenges just a little easier.