Friday, June 11, 2021

Kids at Weddings... Yes or No?

Kids! Do you want them there on your big day, or would you rather have an adult-only affair, where no one has the responsibility of stopping little Freddie from sticking his face into the perfectly piped icing on the wedding cake?

I've photographed a lot of weddings and the opinions seem to be fairly equally divided. From a photographer's perspective, they can be amazing; bringing smiles and laughter and unexpected moments. They can also be pretty tricky! They don't stand still, they cry when they're meant to be smiling and they have the habit of having food either on their faces or all down their fronts. There's an old saying from the showbiz industry that says something on the lines of, "don't work with children or animals!" but do you know what? I love seeing them at weddings. I don't know if it's because I'm still a big kid (or so the Mrs says) at heart, but I can usually get the kids involved in creating amazing memories. Who doesn't love pulling silly faces!

Seriously though, it is a very personal choice and there is no right or wrong answer. It's important to do what is right for you, it's your big day after all. It can be hard to tell guests that there are no kids welcome at your wedding, but you may be surprised, the parents might be jumping for joy at an opportunity for a child-free night out. The extra cost can be a factor to take into consideration; if you're on a strict budget it can be a good way of keeping costs down a little, as we all know that weddings aren't cheap.

Equally, people are managing to cater to the younger wedding guests in all sorts of ways, from kids activity tables, outdoor games, wedding-themed colouring sheets to keep them entertained and possibly quiet through the speeches! There are even specific wedding nanny services and creche companies that will come and look after them on the big day so you don't have to worry about them getting up to mischief when you're saying your vows, or dancing the night away. 

We've all seen the blooper videos of the tiny pageboy or flower girl throwing tantrums as they leg it down the middle of the aisle like a professional sprinter. The photos of a toddler picking his nose as the happy couple say "I do" and the fast asleep kid with his face in his dinner. As a photographer, I try my best to capture all these bits of your day too. They are wonderful, funny memories that are specific to your day. They are completely unstaged and document your day perfectly. 

One young chap managed to swipe a giant tub of sweets off the sweet station, rumour had it amongst the kids he was making a tidy profit! (watch out for this one on Dragon's Den down the line) 

Not all the photos I capture are funny, some can be absolutely magical. Those moments that happen when kids see the "princess" in the beautiful dress, or a couple have their child join them for the first dance are memories of the wedding day you want to relive over and over. 

Remember, that whatever you choose to do, make sure it's the right decision for you as a couple. I'd like to think that most people would respect your decision. 

So, if you're upcoming wedding will have a 4-year-old doing a knee slide on the dancefloor or whether it will be an adult-only affair, I hope you have a fabulous and beautiful day.

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Friday, May 21, 2021

Wedding Venue Spotlight - Holdsworth House - Halifax

Wedding Venue Spotlight



Danny Thompson Photography - Holdsworth House, Halifax

As most couples will know, choosing a wedding venue is not an easy task. There are so many beautiful places; hotels, churches, barns, castles to choose from. I decided to try and help anyone who is in the process of planning their big day by giving a wedding photographer's view on some of the venues that I have captured along the way. This WEDDING VENUE SPOTLIGHT is all about the stunning, West Yorkshire HOLDSWORTH HOUSE HOTEL, Halifax
Danny Thompson Photography - Holdsworth House, Halifax

The inside of this Jacobean manor has so many photograph opportunities. It has that all-important grand entrance staircase, which is great to capture the first look and tears. A venue with commanding indoor features is brilliant in case the Great British rain decides to make an unwanted appearance. If the happy couple doesn't want to brave the outdoors, they won't miss out on their stunning photos.

Danny Thompson Photography - Holdsworth House, Halifax
Danny Thompson Photography - Holdsworth House, Halifax

This absolutely stunning venue in the heart of Calderdale is a wedding photographer's dream. It provides some of the most beautiful backdrops for Weddings I have seen. The gardens are immaculately kept and the intricate maze in the courtyard gives depth and texture to both the couple and group photos. It is both quaint and grand at the same time. There are plenty of opportunities for those large group shots too, which can sometimes be a little tricky at some venues.

Danny Thompson Photography - Holdsworth House, Halifax

The inside will not disappoint either. The venue can cater for weddings both large and small. I recently photographed a wedding through the Covid pandemic, with restrictions on the number of guests, it would have been easy for a wedding to feel empty and sparse. It couldn't have been further from the fact.

HOLDSWORTH HOUSE has an array of rooms and the smaller intimate ceremony room was perfect. It was a beautiful room to capture, with warmth and character which resulted in gorgeous photos of the wedding party!

Danny Thompson Photography - Holdsworth House, Halifax

Danny Thompson Photography - Holdsworth House, Halifax

Occasionally, when I visit venues, I find the decor can be quite bold, which can sometimes be a problem when it comes to colour clashes. Holdsworth house has a neutral pallet, which from a photography point of view is helpful.

The bedrooms are beautifully decorated, in subtle tones, so the bridal prep photos and those important macro, detail shots have a gorgeous environment to work with, which is great.

wedding photograper Holdsworth house

The lighting could be an issue for some, the rooms have quite low ceilings and there are lots of little corridors and not much natural light due to the historic architecture, but if you use a photographer who is able to provide their own artificial lighting and has good awareness of harnessing natural light you will be fine. (Make sure you ask your photographer about this before you book them!)


I hope that this little insight, from my point of view, is helpful to anybody who is looking for a venue for their wedding day.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Danny Thompson Photography, based in Halifax West Yorkshire, announces the launch of its commercial specialist photographer services.

Danny Thompson Photography, based in Halifax West Yorkshire, announces the launch of its commercial specialist photographer services. Danny Thompson commercial photography helps companies be professional and stay one step ahead of their competition.

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With the announcement of their services, this Halifax firm aims to provide the best commercial photography to help businesses develop their branding awareness. They understand that it is important to invest in commercial photography as it escalates the growth and standards of a company.

Danny Thompson Photography creates high-quality commercial images to maintain the reputation of businesses. Professional photographs will reflect the level of professionalism at which the company operates and disclose the standard of the goods and services they provide..

Danny takes professional headshots in corporate and business event settings, that reveal the excellence of companies. He is an expert in product & brand photography. He captures images that portray the quality and craftsmanship of the product and the people in the business.

According to Danny Thompson, every photo tells a story and he presents the best visual story of every organization. By creating a unique arsenal of images customized according to the brand and client. He also does in house studio and on-location fashion shoots.

Danny Thompson Photography also does Fashion and E-commercial photography. They are the experts in creating high-quality stock photos that can be used for commercial design applications. His personal and professional photography has a high resolution and is easily shareable via his membership portal. His commercial photos are digital assets that help increase the exposure of the brand and create more awareness by giving the brand a more professional look. They also boost the social media and search engine ranking of those brands.

Danny Thompson Photography offers a commercial photography package for startups, small or medium businesses, and charities. It's a three-tier package which includes, essential photography, enterprise photography, and premium range packages from £49- £150 per month. For larger businesses and agencies he provides a higher three-tiered package which includes an entrepreneur plan, executive plan, and the VIP plan ranging from £350- £1200 per month.

Danny Thompson Photography takes pride in capturing personal wedding for brides & grooms and family lifestyle moments. In portraits, photographs, and albums custom & bespoke to their client's requirements.

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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Danny Thompson Photography North of England Wedding Awards Photographer of 2020!!!

Photographer of the Year!!

Those of you who follow my social media will have most likely seen, that before Christmas, I was nominated for the North of England, Wedding Awards Photographer of the Year 2020! That in Itself was amazing. It was the first awards I have ever entered and the category is a very tough one, as there are so many amazing photographers up North, especially in Yorkshire (not that I'm biased!)! 

For me, someone who has never really won anything, I was definitely not expecting to be shortlisted as a FINALIST. It was a huge list of finalists and felt honoured to be named amongst other amazing businesses and photographers. I was happy to have made that list, but it was a very large list of 12 finalists, some of whom I have watched and admired for their images. 

"The North of England wedding awards The most prestigious awards for client service excellence.
The Awards recognise businesses in the wedding industry which go the extra mile for their customers, providing outstanding service and inspiring their customers to want to actively and positively promote them."

The evening was not the usual Big elaborate Awards night that usually happens, due to the ever ongoing Covid Pandemic. 

That meant instead of donning my glad rags and sipping champagne I was sat on the sofa in my comfies, brew in hand, with the wife and kids watching the Live Feed on my laptop. Not quite as glamorous as some would expect but that's probably a good job because when the judges announced the winner was Danny Thompson Photography I seemed to forget that was me. It wasn't until my son, at lightning speed shouted "Dad, you've won!" nearly sending my brew into next door that I realised I HAD WON!!

Now, I'm not one to blow my own trumpet, it just seems weird, so when the messages and phone calls started happening it was all a bit strange! I had some amazing comments on social media and was congratulated by so many people, it was amazing!

The thing that I am most proud of about winning this particular award, (despite the fact it was the Yorkshire one) was that it is based on customer service and feedback voted by the Brides and Grooms who's weddings I had photographed. I try incredibly hard to make the whole process of working with me as enjoyable as it can be. I want my clients to feel at ease with me, especially on such a big special day. I like to fit into the wedding, talk to the guests, make everyone feel as comfortable as possible so that I can get the absolute best photos for the happy couple to treasure forever. So to receive an award based on the experiences of my brides and grooms was incredible. It felt like lots of hard work had paid off.  

It was only a few weeks ago that I managed to collect my trophy, again Covid got in the way, which has now taken pride of place in the window of ALBION STREET STUDIOS, Halifax alongside the many awards that The Northern Video Company and James Mellor already has there. It feels good to be able to add my own to that impressive collection!

Thank you to everyone who has allowed me to be a part of their wedding day I absolutely love what I do and to know that people are also happy with my work is a massive bonus. 

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