Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Old Golf House Hotel - Wedding Photography - Danny Thompson Photography

On Sunday the 16th June 2019, I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful wedding of Vanessa and James at The Old Golf House Hotel, Huddersfield. A Whisper Hotel set in the heart of Yorkshire, with 3 acres of beautiful grounds. 

I had met the couple almost a year ago and instantly couldn't wait to be involved in their big day. They were full of life, fun and enthusiasm and couldn't wait to introduce me to Leicester, James’ guide dog. James is registered blind and Leicester is a huge part of his life, giving him freedom and independence. His wife to be, Vanessa, is also partially sighted and has fibromyalgia. As we chatted more, I discovered that Leicester wouldn't be the only guide dog in the wedding party, he would also be joined by one other incredible guide dog. A whole new experience for me.

The big day arrived. The weather was holding out and Vanessa, with the help of Hair by Hannah and Cerise makeup was ready to walk down the aisle in her gorgeous dress. With the groom all suited and booted and the dogs ready to go there was just time to squeeze in a few more photos. I could not believe the change in the dogs as they moved from fun, friendly, dog to dedicated, hardworking helpers after putting on their harnesses (I wish my kids could do that!). They watched every tiny move their handlers made, gave unfaltering concentration and made all challenges just a little easier.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photography - Leeds - West Yorkshire

It's been a busy few weeks at Danny Thompson Photography which is why our latest blog is a bit late! We’ve been networking with other businesses, visiting some beautiful new venues and getting some fabulous clients on board, including Dan Keane from Minds Matter and Joanne from  ABC. I've even managed to squeeze in a bit of family time with the wife and kids whilst they've had school holidays. 

It's really important to us at Danny Thompson Photography that we are completely prepared for every shoot, especially weddings. There’s no second chances with The Big Day and the last thing we’d want to do is miss “the first look” from the Groom, the tears on Dad’s face or even ‘That’ Uncle who’s nodded off in the back. A lot goes into preparing for each Wedding Shoot, starting with visiting the venue to scope out the best shots and photo settings both inside and out (in case of the unexpected, glorious British weather!). 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Siddal ARLFC Halifax - Player Sponsored By Danny Thompson Photography


I'm always looking for new ways to promote Danny Thompson Photography in and around my local area of Halifax, West Yorkshire, so recently I became the proud sponsor of Sean McCormack, a 1st team player for Siddal ARLFC. I try my best to support local causes, ventures and businesses whenever I can and it's great to be involved with such a successful club! It is one of the leading amateur Rugby League Clubs in the country. Siddal ARLFC’s 1st team compete in the Hatton's Solicitors National Conference League at a national level but the club starts training its future players from the early age of 4! In total they have 16 different teams contributing to the club.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Unmasked Mental Health - Danny Thompson Commercial Photography


Over the last few weeks I have been working with 3 guys who have taken it upon themselves to try make a dent in the World’s Mental Health Crisis. UNMASKED. A Peer to Peer mental health support APP.
They are 3 typical local lads, Doug, Logan & Robin who I met at a Halifax Business Networking Event at Halifax Business Centre. We had a laugh, cracked a few bad jokes and then arranged a meeting to discuss working together on a Commercial Photography Shoot. We met, over a cold one, to talk about what was important for me to capture in their photos. It was then that I learnt each had their own story, their own personal reasons for trying to make a difference. Quite quickly it was obvious that the photos needed to show their struggles, as a way to connect to their audience but to show the positivity they have for life and the new project UNMASKED.

Logan & Doug

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Stacey & Kieron | Wedding Photography Gomersal Lodge Hotel

Stacey & Kieron | Wedding Photography  

Gomersal Lodge Hotel

#Blog 4

There's nothing quite like visiting the old haunts from your youthful childhood days! As I made my way to Christ Church, Liversedge and later on to Gomersal Lodge Hotel, a recent venue for a beautiful wedding shoot, I was reminded of the many times I had trudged my way to school during my teenage years. It was lovely to be working back in the area where I grew up, In the place, I had obviously not bunked off school on a couple of occasions to play footy in the park. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Belter Belts - Commercial Shoot with Danny Thompson Photography

Every now and again you stumble across someone that will grab your attention. For whatever reason they are intriguing. I began to follow a fellow local business after a social media post made me laugh out loud. He was a Belter by business and by character. 

A recent shoot for my Commercial Photography led me to a Yorkshire mans workshop. 

Monday, January 28, 2019

Pebble & Pine Coffee Roasters

I had the privilege of working with Pebble and Pine, a growing company of specialist coffee roasters! 

It's something a bit different for my Commercial Photography and I loved creating some exciting, bespoke images to be used on their website and in their promotional material. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Welcome to my new BLOG!!!

Welcome to my New BLOG!!!

I have taken the plunge and started up a blog! I have done this for a couple of reasons, one is so I can be more connected to you guys, you can see me in action and in a little more depth, with pictures (obviously as I am a photographer). 

Secondly, I will link to who I work with in the industry for my Wedding Photography, Commercial Photography, Lifestyle Photography and what's happening in the Studio.... Also I am wanting to basically give you a vip look at my company, behind the scenes of my shoots in the studio, on set or at a venue. 

So its my first blog and I thought it would be an idea for you guys to have a little insight of what photography I actually do..... as you all know already photography does span in to many sectors, but I will just keep it short and inform you what I get up to....  

I run my Danny Thompson Photography business from a little village in Halifax UK called Southowram. Here are the sectors I cover in Photography.