Thursday, January 17, 2019

Welcome to my new BLOG!!!

Welcome to my New BLOG!!!

I have taken the plunge and started up a blog! I have done this for a couple of reasons, one is so I can be more connected to you guys, you can see me in action and in a little more depth, with pictures (obviously as I am a photographer). 

Secondly, I will link to who I work with in the industry for my Wedding Photography, Commercial Photography, Lifestyle Photography and what's happening in the Studio.... Also I am wanting to basically give you a vip look at my company, behind the scenes of my shoots in the studio, on set or at a venue. 

So its my first blog and I thought it would be an idea for you guys to have a little insight of what photography I actually do..... as you all know already photography does span in to many sectors, but I will just keep it short and inform you what I get up to....  

I run my Danny Thompson Photography business from a little village in Halifax UK called Southowram. Here are the sectors I cover in Photography.

We love a wedding, preparation of the bride & groom, excitement on everyones faces, and capturing all the emotion, laughter, fun and love. This, along with our creativity and imagination documents your perfect day... 

We help business's improve their professional image, tailor all images to represent them in a bespoke way and continue forward with their marketing focus.  

We cover all areas regarding your Lifestyle, Christenings, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries and Family shoots, whether you like to face the cold outside or in our cosy Studio in Halifax Town Centre. 

This year we have been lucky to have a Studio!!! with all the toys.... 

The Studio Photography we offer ranges from Family shoots, Actors head shots, Dance performers, Pets and many many more.... you get the drift!  

If you have any interest or would like to know more about any of my services, please visit my website we will be more than happy to help! 

Thank you for joining us, if you like what you have seen in this blog then please subscribe, which will let you know when I have posted again!