Thursday, February 7, 2019

Belter Belts - Commercial Shoot with Danny Thompson Photography

Every now and again you stumble across someone that will grab your attention. For whatever reason they are intriguing. I began to follow a fellow local business after a social media post made me laugh out loud. He was a Belter by business and by character. 

A recent shoot for my Commercial Photography led me to a Yorkshire mans workshop. 

Everything you would expect from a real handcraft tradesman; shed, traditional wooden workbench complete with hand drawn ruler, Pots, tubs and even the odd Bovril Jar filled with the essential craftsmen's tools and a skilled, waist coated, bearded gent stood creating his masterpieces. 
it was a slightly different environment to anything I have shot in recently but despite its rugged setting the product was exquisite.  BELTER a Yorkshire name for a bespoke hand crafted (well, you guessed it,) belt company. Genius!

In a world that has become dominated by mass produced products its was fascinating to see something created from scratch by hand. Everything cut, measured, stamped and finished by one man loving life in his man cave. 

Trying to reflect this process in pictures was…….. ! 
A huge part of photography has become creating the ‘perfect’ image, aesthetically pleasing with nothing out of place and this can sometimes distract from the true roots of the photo’s subject. 

I try within all my photography, to represent the real essence of each image. This is especially true with my Wedding Photography, where, yes it's easy enough to capture a specific bride and groom shot, but to convey the exact emotion in that moment requires that extra something. 

Those are the shots that my brides and grooms treasure. They evoke a specific memory and feeling that represents their day, their vows and their love.

It would have been much easier to photograph Belter’s products in a studio, with perfect lighting and backdrop, the same as posing wedding couples in front of the perfect scenery, but it would not have done it justice. When someone's heart goes into creating a one of a kind product its only right for the Photographer to do the same! So I created the images with Bovril jar included and because I couldn't resist, I am now also a proud owner of A handcrafted Belter Belt!  

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